Gunderson Calls on Rep. Mike Levin to Reject Alleged Straw Donation

Gunderson Calls on Rep. Mike Levin to Reject Alleged Straw Donation

Donor behind Hunter Biden art scandal, Elizabeth Hirsch Naftali, suspected of donating to

Rep. Mike Levin using a minor child to circumvent donation limits

Oceanside, CA – Businessman Matt Gunderson today called on Rep. Mike Levin to reject an alleged straw donation from the donor behind the Hunter Biden art scandal.

Elizabeth Hirsch Naftali is alleged to have sidestepped campaign finance laws by directing donations through her minor children after hitting maximum contribution limits. Levin was the recipient a maximum donation from Naftali before receiving an additional $1,000 from her minor son. Naftali, who played a significant role in the Hunter Biden art scandal and was appointed by President Biden to a prestigious commission, has been involved in similar contribution schemes supporting Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris.

“California families are sick and tired of the political class going around the rules to benefit themselves,” said Gunderson. “We need fewer politicians who think the rules don’t apply to them and more leaders with real-world experience who will deliver for local families. I’m calling on Mike Levin to return this donation and reject these kinds of corrupt schemes in the future.”


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