I Stand with CAPO Unified Parents

I Stand with CAPO Unified Parents

There are a great many issues before us as a nation, a state and as a Southern California community, but none I believe is more important and more essential to protect than that of parents rights.

Make no mistake, those rights are under attack and have been for quite some time. While this is largely a state and local issue, the last few years have shown us that across our country the sanctity of the parent child relationship is under full assault.

The far-left zealots shroud their machinations or otherwise try to obfuscate the issue by exploiting a handful of isolated incidences to justify their total takeover of the long-term wellbeing of a child. This coming from the people having a hard enough time teaching our children to read and write proficiently.

As a local father to four girls I can tell you that this community has never been about relegating parents to the sidelines while the state administers it’s own warped views of how to take care of our children.

I stand with the parents of Capistrano Unified and urge every local parent to get involved with the community groups below.

Moms on the Ground