“WE’RE NOT EVEN TREADING WATER… WE’RE DROWNING FUTURE GENERATIONS”: Servicing America’s Debt Quickly Becoming Our Largest Expenditure

“WE’RE NOT EVEN TREADING WATER… WE’RE DROWNING FUTURE GENERATIONS”: Servicing America’s Debt Quickly Becoming Our Largest Expenditure

OUR $33 trillion in national debt breaks down to $100,311 per citizen and $259,103 per taxpayer. [Source]

The chart below lays the blame at both party’s feet but petty politics is not the first step to fixing this.

To triage this crisis we must attack the problem from three front fronts:

  1. add a balanced budget amendment to the constitution;
  2. stop profligate spending; and
  3. make better investments with the taxpayers money.


As a father to four young daughters, I cannot sit by and watch trillions in debt that Washington politicians are racking up for future generations.  At this point we’re not even treading water. We’re drowning future generations because we keep sending the same irresponsible politicians to Washington.

I’ve built multiple successful business and believe me when I say that if our country were a business, Congress would have bankrupted it a long time ago.

I know politicians like my opponent Rep. Mike Levin (D) hate the concept of balancing our budget at the expense of their pet projects and well-connected lobbyists but it is long past time to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

It’s not just a policy I support, it is one of the only solutions as Congress has proven time and again that it is incapable of self-regulating spending.

In the most recent budget negotiations, I was dismayed to see that not only had Rep. Levin not proposed a single spending cut, but even more alarming was the insistence from Levin and Washington Democrats that we keep spending at COVID pandemic levels. This level of spending – in the trillions – pours fuel on top of the inflation fire and exacerbates our debt crisis even further.

COVID was a once-in-a-generation crisis that divided the country, caused wide-spread panic and was worthy of a partial spike in spending to confront the unique challenges posed by government-mandated shutdowns and supply chain disruptions. Whether you agreed with them or not, if Washington was going to force workers to stay home, they had at least give them back some of their own taxpayers dollars back to cope with harsh economic realities.

Now past the crisis, the fact that Levin and his band of drunk-on-spending House Democrats insist we keep spending at pandemic levels tells you everything you need to know about Washington and politicians. Once you let give them money to spend they will fight to never give it back.

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